Types of Decisions
  • Subission by Tap Out
    • When an athiete physically uses parts of their body to indicate that he or she no longer wishes to continue.
  • Verbal Tap Out
    • When and athlete verbally announce on voluntarily/involuntarily screams in pain of distrees to the refer that they do not wish to continue. Screaming while caught in a submission is automatically a verbal tap out.
  • Technical Submission.
    • When a legal submission act results in unconsciousness or broken/dislocated bones(joints).
  • Technical Knockout (TKO).
    • Referee Stoppage
      • The Referee stops the contest because the athlete is knocked down by a clean strike of kick to the head and is not intelligently defending himself/herself.
      • Due to Strikes
      • Laceration
      • Corner Stoppage
      • Did not answer the bell
    • Medical Stoppage
      • Laceration.
      • Doctor Stoppage
      • Loss of control of body function (vomit/urine/faeces)
  • Knockout (KO)
    • Referee Stoppage
      • The referee stops the contest because the athlete cannot intelligently defend him/herself.
      • Due to Strikes
      • Due to Impact from takedown or throw
  • Disqualification
    • When an injury sustained during the bout because of an intentional foul is severe enough to terminate the bout, multiple fouls have been assessed and/or there is flagrant disregard for the rules and/or Referee's commands.

Our Rules

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