Judging Criteria

    • All bouts will be evaluated and scored by Three(3) judges.
    • The 10 point Must System will be the standard of scoring a bout.
    • Under the 10 point Must Scoring System, 10 points must be awrded to the winner of the round and nine points or less must be awarded to the loser, except for a rate even round, which is scored (10-10).
    • For each successful takedown, the athlete who was taken down will have one point deducted. A Successful takedown is achieved when after the takedown it is followed by a legal and successful submission hold that lasts for 30 seconds. Chaining submissions on the ground are not legal.
    • Judges shall evaluate Martial arts techniques with the most weightage in scoring awarded to effective striking/wrestling/grapping/effective aggressigveness, and control of the combat area.
  • Effective Striking
    • Effective striking is determined by the technical execution of legal strikes landed by Athlete. More precise, technical hits are valued higher than many blows with unprecise hits and lower technical execution.
  • Effective Wrestling
    • Effective Wrestling is assessed by the successful executions and effective results coming from technical and spectacular takedowns achieved.
  • Effective Grappling
    • Effective grapping attempts are assessed by the successful executions and potential bout ending submission attempts.
  • Effective aggressiveness
    • Effective aggressiveness means aggressively making attempts to finish the bout.
  • Control of the Combat Area
    • Combat area control is assessed by determining who is dictating the Pace, Place and Position of the bout
    • Evaluations shall be made on martial Arts techniques. Such as effective striking/wrestling/grapping(Criterion A). Effective aggressiveness (Criterion B). And control of the combat area (Criterion C ). Criteria B and C are not taken into consideration unless Criterion A is weighed as being even.

Our Rules

Xtreme Survivor 2.0 - India's Largest Semi PRO MMA Championship.